When to Apply for Social Security Benefits

One of the most important decisions a retiree must make is when they should apply for Social Security benefits. This is a challenging decision and not one to be made lightly. This lifetime, inflation-adjusted income makes it one your most significant assets. Claiming benefits too early can cost you thousands if not potentially hundreds of thousands of dollars over your lifetime.

So who can you turn to for advice on your Social Security benefit?

You can set up an appointment to go into your local Social Security office to talk with them, but they cannot give you advice only help you understand the facts. Furthermore, Representatives of the GAO (US Government Accountability Office) observed 30 in-person claims at SSA offices and found that, more often than not, frontline SSA employees will not discuss delayed claiming with beneficiaries. 

Since the Social Security Administration either cannot or won't give you the advice you need, who can you turn to?

We here at Symmetry Wealth Management have taken the time to understand how Social Security benefits work, how recent rule changes affect social security benefits, taxation of social security benefits, how lifestyle and health should be factored in when considering the age to start claiming your social security benefit, and many other rules and considerations. 

We offer a free, no obligation meeting to discuss your situation and what you should consider when claiming your benefit. We will also give you a personalized Social Security Maximization report so you understand your benefit options.

Why wait? Call today to set up your meeting. The only thing it costs is your time and you will walk away with a valuable Report on your benefit options.