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Retirement Planning - Income Conductorâ„¢

How We Use Income Conductor™To Serve YOU

Income Conductor is cutting edge technology that allows us to manage your Retirement Income plan through volatile and changing markets. Income Conductor™ helps us manage your portfolio using Time-Segmented methodology to reduce some of the risks you have in retirement. 

Together we can take the guesswork out of your financial future. 

Retirement: A Whole New Chapter

It's Not Your Parent's Retirement 

For most of our parents, retirement was a partnership with the Government and their employer. The combination of pensions and Social Security provided a significant portion of their retirement income needs. By having less dependency on their personal assets to provide monthly income, many of our parents could afford to keep their assets in very safe places. With the replacement of pensions with 401k plans and the uncertainty of Social Security's ability to maintain future benefits, the responsibility to provide retirement income has been placed squarely on individuals. Today's retirees are living longer and more active lives. This, in combination with inflation, requires many retirees to adopt a more aggressive investment mix. Retirees are now having to deal with longevity, inflation, and investment risks that were not significant issues for their parents.  

Longevity Risk

There are several stages within retirement, some that are very active, some that are not. One unknown is how long these stages will last. 

With improvements in health and medical advances, we can expect longer lives. The increase in years is not just tacked on to the end of life but rather, added across all the stages of retirement. that means we will need to plan for more sustainable income during our active years as well as for the later years.

Inflation Risk

One other consequence of long life is the exposure to rising prices. Even modest rates of inflation over long periods of time can seriously erode purchasing power.

Investment Risk

In your next stage, you need to focus more on managing investment risks. While we are in our primary earnings years, we can often replenish savings if we experience investment losses. In your next stage, that might not be possible.

Stategies to Help Manage the Risk

                                           Outcome-Oriented Investing

                                             Time-Segmented Methodology

Review Your Current

Our strategy for providing income and managing risks in retirement is called IncomeConductor™. It's based on a time-segmented approach, which allows you and your advisor to manage your retirement assets using a variety of product and investment strategies.

Risk Alignment

As we transition from wealth accumulation to income distribution the strategies change. During accumulation, our asset allocation was based on achieving the highest returns consistent with the risk we were willing to take. When distributing wealth the primary focus is aligning your assets allocation with your income goals. Why take more risk than necessary? Risk Alignment provides an investment mix specific to your objectives. 

Time Horizon

While some investment strategies attempt to "time" the markets by moving in and out, IncomeConductor divides your retirement into time segments, each with a different investment objective. This time-segmented strategy helps you stay in the market and assists your advisor in managing your investments' volatility.  

The goal of the first segment is to produce income immediately through the use of an immediate annuity, laddered CD's, money market funds, or some other conservative vehicle. Segment 2 will be converted to the same type of conservative vehicle when the first segment is spent. Segment 2 can be initially invested slightly more aggressively with a higher assumed rate of return. And so on. 

This  approach to investing is called "outcome-oriented". Each segment is invested to produce an assumed rate of return in a specific time period.

Of course, as with any investment strategy, there can be no assurances that these goals will be achieved or maintained. 

About 3D Asset Management

3D has developed and maintains IncomeConductor to help financial advisors plan and manage the retirement income landscape. we recognize that the set of skills and tools needed to help investors distribute income throughout retirement are different than those used to help investors accumulate wealth earlier in life's journey. 3D is proud to partner with select advisors in solving income challenges.

Founded in 2006, 3D acts as a portfolio strategist, utilizing multiple Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) providers to construct globally diversified portfolios that manage risk and investment costs while maintaining disclosure of both fees and expenses. 

3D Asset Management offers a suite of strategies designed to help clients plan, invest, track, and manage their investment savings and retirement plan assets. As an investment manager, we provide globally diversified, asset allocation portfolios using enhanced index portfolio strategy.


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